WMO Core Metadata Profile version 1.3


TEST TYPE: Abstract tests for metadata uniqueness and discovery within WIS DAR Catalogue

TEST GROUP: Geographic data extent specification with bounding box
TEST ID: http://wis.wmo.int/2012/metadata/conf/geographic-bounding-box
TEST PURPOSE: Requirement 8.2.4: Each WIS Discovery Metadata record describing geographic data shall include the description of at least one geographic bounding box defining the spatial extent of the data

Inspect the instance document under test to assess whether the metadata record is describing geographic data; e.g.

/gmd:MD_Metadata/gmd:hierarchyLevel/gmd:MD_ScopeCode != “nonGeographicDataset”

Inspect the instance document under test to assess whether the geographic extent is specified using a bounding box. Abstract test http://wis.wmo.int/2012/metadata/conf/ISO-TS-19139-2007-rule-based-validation shall ensure that the bounding box is correctly specified. Geographic extent bounding box is specified using the following XPath:


Inspect the associated gmd:MD_Keywords element to ensure that at least one instance of a keyword from the WMO_CategoryCode code list is present. A normative version of the WMO_CategoryCode code list is published by WMO at: http://wis.wmo.int/2012/codelists/WMOCodeLists.xml. Instances of keyword are identified by the following XPath:







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