WMO Core Metadata Profile version 1.3


TEST TYPE: Abstract tests for XML encoding
TEST GROUP: ISO/TS 19139:2007 compliance
TEST ID: http://wis.wmo.int/2012/metadata/conf/ISO-TS-19139-2007-xml-schema-validation
Requirement 6.1.1: Each WIS Discovery Metadata record shall validate without error against the XML schemas defined in ISO/TS 19139:2007
Using a tool with strict interpretation of XML Schema and full support for the W3C XML Schema, validate the instance document under test against the XML schemas created from the UML model of ISO 19115:2003/Cor. 1:2006 using the encoding rules defined in ISO/TS 19139:2007 ‘Geographic information – Metadata – XML schema implementation’ Clause 9. The normative location for these XML schemata are hosted by ISO at: http://standards.iso.org/ittf/PubliclyAvailableStandards/ISO_19139_Schemas/.

A reference copy of these XML schemas is hosted by WMO at: http://wis.wmo.int/2011/schemata/iso19139_2007/schema/






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